A Thanksgiving Arrival
Email #1

Friends and Family,

Approximately 34 hours after beginning my journey at the LAX airport, I officially entered the Kingdom of Cambodia.   Yeaaahh!!!   It's sweltering hot, there's dust in the air, and motorbikes are swarming the roads.   I was picked up at the airport by a young Camodian guy who I will be working with.   We threw my bags in his truck, we took off down the road, and ... we promptly crashed into some dudes on a motorbike.   Fortunately no one was injured ... just a broken tail light on the bike.   Incredibly, (and I am not making this up) the damage was assesed, the bike taken down the road to a shop, fixed and payed for, end of incident IN LESS THAN 10 MINUTES.   I think this happens all the time here.

The flights themselves were pretty uneventful.   I picked up a copy of the new U2 album in the Tokyo airport (oh yeah), and spent the early morning hours of Thanksgiving meandering around the Bangkok terminals, but everything went smoothly.

Well, I hope you are enjoying Thanksgiving.   After my arrival, I spent the rest of the afternoon feasting on a huge meal with the foreign contingent from the church sponsoring my visa.   Great food ... chicken instead of turkey though.

Just wanted to let you know that I made it OK.   I'll let you know more details about my work when I actually get to see my job description.   All I know is it's working on income generation projects.   Theses guys have some pretty resourceful and creative ideas for Cambodian micro-enterprises.

Also, please note that I have given my parents my cell phone while I am out of the country.   So do not try to contact me or leave messages on it.   Unless you want to speak to my parents.

Take care, friends.


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