Happy Holidays
Email #3

Happy Holidays from Cambodia,

Some of you were concerned that I would somehow miss out on the holidays as I am in Cambodia for Christmas and the New Year.   Well, rest assured, this is not the case.   Being in a country that does not officially celebrate the holiday, it is amazing how many Christmas parties, services, and celebrations that I was invited to.   Everytime I'd meet someone new, they'd invite me to some Christmas function.   I kind of missed the Christmas "atmosphere" here, but not the commercialism.   It's refreshing to get away from that for a change.

I also took a little Christmas vacation to get away for a few days.   I spent the holidays on the beach with a few friends.   (don't worry, Cambodia was not hit by the tsunamis, and I was already gone by then anyway)   Yeah, it was real nice chilling on the beach at Christmas.   I don't miss the cold weather at all.   (i hear it's blistering cold back home in the States ... too bad, too bad.   i'll go soak in the warmth and sun right now)

Well, just a quick note this time.   Gotta run to lunch now.


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