Welcome to Cambodia
Update #1

Early morning Thanksgiving Day 2004 ... I'm flying high above rice fields and small villages ... now there's a sprawling network of dusty roads and buildings ... everything's brown in the hot sun ... hard to imagine this is a capital city.   It's almost like a dream as I land in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.   I didn't come to Cambodia to be impressed, or because I could live well with my American dollars.   I came to learn ... to learn from the uneducated, to be enriched by the poor, to listen to the voice of the voiceless, to remember those forgotton by "enlightened" society.   Welcome to Cambodia.

Cambodia is a country torn by past wars and present poverty.   Anyone who travels to Cambodia will come face to face with the numerous problems that plague the country.   But beneath the pain, there is something beautiful.   I hope that these pages can reveal in some small way this beauty.

Rural Life in Cambodia

Big sky, endless ricefields.
This is Cambodia.

Rural Cambodia is an agricultural society.

Kraing Yov village.

A small hut, housing about 6 students, 1 pig,
and an undetermined number of chickens.

City Life in Phnom Penh

Typical Phnom Penh residential area.
(my neighborhood)

Typical traffic in Phnom Penh.   All vehicles are in motion.
(How many directions of traffic can you count?

Crowds in Phnom Penh for the water festival.

The future of Cambodian rap?

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