Automobile Carnage
The Destruction of Dave's Maxima

Many fond memories flood my head as I think back on the days of my Nissan Maxima ... cruising the streets of DC, traveling up and down the east coast, spending quality time with friends while waiting for tow trucks.   You can become quite attached to a motor vehicle.   But with any relationship there is pain as well as joy.   And the Maxima brought much pain indeed.   Like severe ear pain, when the decrepit Bose stereo would blast you with the most awful high pitch noise.   But far more devastating were the catastrophic failures of the transmission, spaced in approximately one year intervals just outside the range of any applicable warranties.  Yes, the loss of trust was unreparable.  So when, the transmission began to slip once again, I knew it was over ... THE CAR MUST BE DESTROYED.

So I was quite pleased when my boss, Greg Mitchell, suggested that I donate the car to the fire and rescue squad where he volunteers.   They routinely accept vehicle donations so that they can practice life saving drills to dismantle cars involved in serious accidents.   What more could I ask for than to watch the Maxima being torn to shreds and know that this very satisfying spectacle may even make the perilous roads of DC a little less deadly.

Prepping the Maxima for further damage.

Cutting, smashing, tearing ... a team effort.

Cutting through the rear door post.

Do not leave your vehicle unattended.

Dave gets the pleasure of making a cut through the roof
(and later the final post to remove the roof).

Dave's new convertible.

"Nice engine ... but can't seem to get'er started."

The boss-man, Greg Mitchell, enjoying the opportunity to take
out his frustration with his "beatnik" employee, Dave Wenzel.

Preparing for some practice with the acetylene torch.

Many thanks to the volunteers at the
Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad.

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