Thursday, June 1st  -  Lincoln, NE to Denver CO
Interstate 80, right through the heart of Nebraska.  Flat land, and straight roads.  It may not seem so exciting, but there's something about the midwest that just sticks with you.  A highlight of our trek across Nebraska was a pit stop in the small (and I mean small) town of Paxton.  Paxton's claim to fame is a unique restaurant known as Ole's Big Game Restaurant and Lounge.  Great food, and a dining area filled with a collection of "big game."  Polar bear, buffalo, giraffe, you name it ...  We arrived in Denver late in the afternoon.  In the evening, we visited the University of Colorado, Denver, and then wandered around the downtown area.

Nebraska scenery.

Ole's Big Game Restaurant and Lounge, Paxton, NE.

God bless America.

Dave, Brett, and a dinosaur.

A detour down a dirt road gave us a glimpse
of rural life just outside of Denver.

On campus at the University of CO, Denver.

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