Sunday, June 11th  -  Six Flags, Magic Mountain
The weekend of June 10th-11th was spent hanging out with my good friends Katty, Annette, and Snow.  Saturday was a marathon of  activities which included miniature golf, bowling, and dining on Vietnamese cuisine, fish tacos, and Ben and Jerry's ice cream.  (not to mention visits to Target, a photo shop, and a physical therapy clinic)  But the fun continued on Sunday as we visited New Song Community Church in the morning and spent the remainder of the day at Six Flags, Magic Mountain theme park.  By Sunday evening, we were quite worn out from the weekend's activities.  But that didn't stop us from taking a trip to San Diego on Monday.  Tuesday was spent recuperating from the excitement of the weekend.  So where did we go - back to the beach, of course.  Wednesday - the beach again.  (God bless southern California.)  Thursday, June 15th - R2K comes to a close for Y2Dave.  A late morning flight from LAX brings me back to Maryland around 11 pm.

Taming Goliath - A ride on Magic Mountain's
latest and greatest coaster.

The back of the coaster - "Get your hands in
the air!  Someone's throwing money!"

Lunch in a theme park.

Brett and Dan are quite pleased after nearly passing out on
Goliath due to extreme forces encountered on the ride.

Snow and Katty - enjoying the moment.

R2K Six Flags' style.

A late night stop at In 'n Out Burger gives the opportunity
for one last photo with Katty, Snow, and Annette.

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