Sunday, June 4th  -  Albuquerque, NM to Grand Canyon, AZ
Putting Albuquerque behind us, we took off toward the northwest corner of the state.  Here lies the Four Corners - the only place where four states come together at one point.  This geometric phenomenon  demonstrates the genius of our forefathers who laid out our country's boundaries ... How else could you entice so many normally sane people to drive hours on end through scorching desert heat to visit a concrete block in the middle of some parched wasteland?  But it was well worth our visit, as this was our only opportunity to frolic in the deserts of Utah.  Upon leaving the Four Corners, we traveled through Arizona, and by evening we had our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon.  Watching the sunset through the canyon was definitely a highlight of the trip.

The Four Corners - count 'em, there's four.

Four states coming together at one point, or an elaborate
hoax to boost tourism in the state of Utah?

Typical New Mexico scenery.

Don't jump Brett.  It's over 800 feet
to the bottom of the Colorado canyon.

The Grand Canyon, AZ.

Evening at the Canyon.

Another incredible shot of our first experience at the Grand Canyon.

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