Tuesday, June 6th  -  The Hoover Dam and Las Vegas, NV
On the morning of June 6th, we drove about half an hour outside of Vegas to visit the Hoover Dam.  By taking "the Dam tour," we learned all about the history of this incredible civil engineering feat ... although, honestly, the only thing I can remember was that the tour guide swore up and down that no one was buried alive in the concrete.  Sounds suspicious.  After the tour, we went back to Las Vegas for the afternoon.  The heat in Vegas was intense, and we found ourselves pretty exhausted and hungry.  So after dining in a casino, we found a hotel on the edge of the city, and relaxed in the hot tub under the stars - the one highlight from Las Vegas.

The Hoover Dam.

A view from the bottom of the dam.

An Eiffel tower replica in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas, NV.

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