Wednesday, June 7th  -  Las Vegas, NV to Huntington Beach, CA
June 7th didn't quite go as planned.  The plan was to drive a few hours into the California desert, visit Death Valley, and then head on to the Sequoia National Park.  But upon our arrival at Death Valley, we realized that Dan's digital camera (the one that took all of these great photos) was still back in Vegas.  So we had to turn around and head back.  But to add to the misfortune, the air conditioner in Dan's car ceased to operate.  This made for quite miserable driving conditions as the temperatures soured in the middle of the desert.  After spending the day retrieving the camera and having the AC checked, we made a decision ... FORGET THE DESERT.  WE'RE DYING IN THIS SCORCHING HEAT.  LET'S HEAD FOR THE LAND OF IDEAL WEATHER CONDITIONS, THE COAST OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA.  LOS ANGELES, HERE WE COME.

Welcome to California.  You can't imagine the joy
these words brought us as we head for the coast.

Driving into California on the evening of June 7th.

Our trip to the coast of CA included a pit stop
at the world's largest thermometer.   Bonus.

Evening in the California desert.

California sunset.

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