Friday, June 9th  -  Los Angeles, CA
Our stay in southern California began late in the evening of June 7th.  We stayed in Huntington Beach with a good friend, John Lee.  John and his roommates conveniently live about 10 minutes from the beach.  So guess where we went on June 8th.  That's right.  Our first day in Cali was spent chilling on the beach - a much needed break from all the driving of the previous week and a half.  Unfortunately, in the rush to have fun in the sun, I ended up with a nasty sunburn that left my chest glowing for a couple of days.  On the evening of June 8th, we hung out in a pool hall with some friends.  June 9th was spent in Los Angeles, where we had three main stops.  First stop, the campus of UCLA.  Second stop, the Getty Center museum.  Third stop, the 405 freeway.  And stop we did, as we made our way home during rush hour traffic.

On campus at UCLA.

The Getty Center - preserving the world's
artistic and cultural heritage.

Dave and Brett - touring the Getty Center.

A view of Los Angeles from the Getty Center.

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