Wednesday, May 31st  -  Missouri to Kansas to Nebraska
On May 31st, we traveled deep into the middle of the country.  We made our way across Missouri, through Kansas City, and into Kansas for our first stop of the day - Kansas University.  After checking out the campus, and having a little lunch, we journeyed north to Lincoln, Nebraska.  Here, we were able the visit another college campus - the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  Go Big Red!  On the evening of the 31st, we dined on authentic Nebraska beef, and spent a few hours hanging with some friends, Steve, Mike, Corey, and Chris.  We spent the night at the house of another friend (Takano).  Takano, however, was unaware of our presence as he was in Indonesia.

R2K arrives at Kansas University.

Go Big Red!

A trip to the campus of UNL would be incomplete
without visiting the home of Nebraska football.

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