Southeast Asia 2003

This summer, Dave spent five weeks in Southeast Asia traveling around with his good friend, Jeff.   Much time was spent on planes, trains, buses, boats, cars, and motorbikes as they wandered from country to country, enjoying the changing scenery, experiencing the local cultures, and meeting all sorts of interesting people.   Below are a few pages that chronicle their travels.  

Please take note:   You cannot capture the fullness of the experience in a few humble pictures and meager text.   Perhaps, however, these simple pages can inspire you on to your own international adventures.

Singapore (May 22 - May 25)

Malaysia (May 25 - May 30)

Thailand (May 30 - June 8)

Burma (June 8 - June 12)

Cambodia (June 13 - June 20)

Vietnam (June 20 - June 27)

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Special Posting (February 7th, 2004)  -  The latest update on the situation in Burma, including letters of concern written to the Ambassador of Myanmar and the President of the United States.

Trip planning and execution aided by:

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