Welcome to Singapore ... the clean and modern side of Southeast Asia.   This small island is the economic powerhouse of the region and was a great place for Jeff and I to start our journey.   Clean air, safe roads, drinkable water, and prevalent use of English all contributed to an easy adjustment to Asia.   We stayed in Singapore for about 2 days.

Singapore?!   Wasn't that island infected with rampant outbreaks of SARS?   Contrary to popular media-inspired belief, traveling to Singapore was not instant death.   Except for the absence of tourists, life was quite normal.

A friendly reminder.

Is that the sweltering heat, Dave,
or are you coming down with something?

When most people think of Singapore, they immediately think of public canings and the chewing gum police.   Although the rules on this small island can be quite strict indeed, I am happy to report that we did NOT witness any brutal repression of the basic rights to uncleanliness.

Singapore. It's a "fine" country.

During our visit to Singapore, we stayed in lodging available at the headquarters of a Christian organization, the Navigators.   This opened up doors for us to hang out with some students from a local university who were excited to show us around.   Later, we had dinner with a group of students and professionals loosely affiliated with the Navs.   Singapore has an international feel as many people from the surrounding countries come to the island to work or study.

The Nav headquarters.

After dinner with our new friends.

Singapore.  The city of lions.

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