Summer 2001

This summer Dave is in Asia ... Japan and China to be exact.   Why is Dave in Japan and China?   Dave is not exactly sure.   But you better believe he is having fun.

To find out more about what Dave is up to, check the links below for periodic updates.

Update #1 (June 10th) - Welcome to Osaka ... The first week in Japan.

Update #2 (June 30th) - Getting by in Osaka.

Update #3 (July 24th) - Good Times, Osaka Style
                Editorial Extra:   From the Desk of Jeff Lindsay

Update #4 (September 2nd) - Japan Railway Adventure

Update #5 (September 17th) - China Adventure

Summer Contact Info:
Address:   (from June 1st to August 10th)

3-4-A-102 Haitsu Kasuty
Onohara Higashi Minoh-shi
Osaka 562-0031   JAPAN


Cell Phone # (for Dave, Chris, Jeff, and Graydon):


Greg Durgin's Cell Phone #:  (emergencies only)


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